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Flat Tire Services

Flat tires never happen when it is convenient. They never check with you in advance to make sure now is a good time. They never show good manners. Quite the contrary: flat tires usually happen when it is absolutely least convenient, when there is no worse time to get them, when you can lose not even a single second on such trouble. That is why when you walk up to your car and see that deflated tire, or when you are in the middle of the road and you start to hear that bad news thud-thud-thud of a punctured tire, the best thing you can do is call in the pros.

Professional flat tire services

Professional companies, such as Elite Towing and our licensed affiliates, offer swift and professional solutions to flat tires delivered by reliable and licensed technicians. Once you contact our dispatch center a team will be sent your way. As soon as they will get to your side, the first thing they will get to is to verify that both yourself and your car are in a safe place and are not endangered by traffic. Once they are sure you are safe they will get to work. After releasing the hub cap and taking off the punctured tire, they will examine whether it can be saved, repaired, inflated and reused. Otherwise, they will put the spare tire in its place, making sure it is safely put on. If there is no spare tire to be found, expert towing services will be provided on the spot.

Flat tire services – advantages and disadvantages


  • Having to wait for a technician to come around and save the day
  • Having to pay for the service
  • Suffering a bruised ego


  • A reliable and professional job
  • A professional that delivers a quick solution and which can solve any other problems that may arise
  • If there is not any spare tires around, immediate towing services are available
  • Getting to stay in the shade while someone else does all the heavy lifting

Bottom line – when dealing with punctured tires, whether in your own driveway or during a ride, it is always best to get in touch with a professional service provider and enjoy a safe, reliable, quick, and professional solution.

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