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Irving Heavy Duty Towing

One of the difficulties of driving a big rig or other large vehicle is figuring out how to take care of it when it needs help. For example, how do you tow a large, heavy vehicle? You can’t just hook it up to the back of another car and pull it. What you need is a company that provides heavy duty towing services to transport your heavy duty vehicle for you in these situations. Elite Towing and our licensed affiliates offer Irving heavy duty towing services without reservation any time of day or night. With honest pricing and reliable service, you and your vehicle will be well taken care of.

Kinds of Heavy Duty Towing Services

There are multiple kinds of heavy duty towing services we offer here at Elite Towing. Some of these include accident removal, accident recovery, decking, end loader service, secure storage, load transfers, and 24 hour towing. Additionally, we offer locksmith services such as car lockout as well as roadside assistance, including flat tire fix, tire blowout, jumpstarts, and the like. Our professional services include all heavy duty towing needs you might have.

The specialty of Heavy Duty

The special nature of heavy-duty vehicles and heavy duty towing Irving has mostly to do with weight. If your vehicle weighs many tons, it simply cannot be dragged behind a small tow truck. Once you get into the 20,000 lbs to 25,000 lbs and higher range, you’re in the range that needs the good stuff to get it from here to there. You need equipment that Elite Towing heavy duty towing trucks have, including a heavy duty rotator with high winching capabilities. Our technicians know how to operate these tools and how to transport a heavy duty vehicle.

No matter what you drive, chances are you’ll need it towed at some point in the vehicle’s life. Rather than wait to figure it out when the emergency situation occurs, plan ahead by getting in contact with a reliable towing service so you know exactly who to call at that time. Elite Towing’s heavy duty towing services have helped many a driver in times past, and we can help you, too. We hope you’ll choose to call us when you find yourself in need, whether that’s for heavy duty towing, light duty towing, roadside assistance, or any other towing needs.

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